Throat Chakra Affirmations

Fifth Chakra

The throat chakra is connected to your voice, both internally and externally. Are you communicating honestly with yourself and the outside world? Recite the following affirmations aloud, to strengthen your voice, and open your throat chakra to experience healthy communication, self-expression, and connect to inner peace, wisdom and your own intuitive guidance.

Throat Chakra Affirmations

My voice is strong and powerful.

I speak clearly, with honesty and love.

I allow divine wisdom to flow through me, as me.

The words that I think and speak are fully aligned with the truth of who I am.

It is safe for me to speak up.

I speak from my heart.

I practice clear, open communication in all my relationships & it’s reciprocated back to me.

I freely express who I am. It is wonderful to be me!

I express myself creatively through writing, singing, and activities that nourish my soul.

I speak my truth with love.

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