Chakra Balancing

Chakras are strong energetic points in the body. When all your chakras are opened and balanced, you will experience optimal vitality, health and feel your absolute best! Learning how to open, strengthen and balance your chakras, is a powerful tool that you can use for life, to help you in being your happiest, most balanced self. Learning to work with your chakras is a wonderful tool for spiritual growth!

The benefits of Chakra Balancing are absolutely endless but may include the following.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing

  • Stress Reduction
  • Feeling Lighter and More Relaxed
  • Feeling Calmer and More at Peace
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Increased Intuition
  • Removing Subconscious Blocks
  • Relieving Physical Pain
  • Clarity around your Hearts Desires, Passions, Purpose
  • Feeling Happier and More Fulfilled

Chakras are energetic points in the body. If you’ve never heard of chakras, think about acupuncture and how there are many unique energy points. It’s a similar concept, in that there are specific energetic points or chakras in our bodies, however I do not use needles, as in acupuncture, and the session is intuitively guided.

To learn more about chakras, I’ve outlined an overview of each chakra below with links to more details on each chakra, and my personal experiences outlining the powerful benefits that I’ve received from working with my chakras!

I offer both remote and in person Chakra Balancing sessions. After a session, your chakras will be cleansed, cleared, balanced and opened to the perfect size for you in that moment, in your highest good. I receive intuitive messages correlated with your chakras and after your session, I will share insight and offer suggestions for tools and exercises that you can implement immediately to strengthen your chakras and bring more joy and happiness into your life.

When your chakras are opened and balanced, you may experience many of the qualities listed below. If you are feeling blockages around any of the areas below, I can help! Contact me to schedule a Chakra Balancing session.

Overview of the 7 Basic Chakra’s

  1. Root Chakra – Red – Grounding, Prosperity, Support, Life Purpose
  2. Sacral Chakra – Orange – Creativity, Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotions, Relationships, Intimacy, Money, Flow, Self-Love, Inner Child
  3. Solar Plexus – Yellow – Power Center, Self-Discovery, Personal Power, True Self and Self Esteem
  4. Heart Chakra – Pink and Green – Unconditional Love, Self-love, Self-respect, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Trust, Prosperity, and Contentment
  5. Throat Chakra – Blue – Communication, Speaking your Truth with Love, Self-Expression, Integration of Peace and Wisdom, Sensitivity and Ability to listen to Intuition
  6. Third Eye – Indigo – Spiritual Sight, Intuition and Insights, Clarity, Seeing Your Path, Extrasensory Perception, Truth and Personal Power
  7. Crown Chakra – White or Purple – Connection to Divine Wisdom, Higher Self, Our Power, Love, Creativity and Harmony. Awareness of life’s higher purposes and meaning. Inspiration and understanding.

Here’s my personal experience in working with each chakra and the benefits I’ve seen as a result.

Root Chakra
In the past, I’ve had a very hard time being grounded. Some of the things that result when I am ungrounded include very scattered thoughts, difficulty remembering things and staying focused, and feeling like I’m floating in space and not fully present. I would often leave cabinets open, drop things, and was known to be fairly clumsy and unaware of my surroundings. As I’ve learned to become more grounded, I began doing a daily ritual to ground myself and now know what it feels like to be grounded and present in my body. I’m now able to recognize when I’m ungrounded, and am able to stop and re-ground myself to be more present, organized, assimilate and remember more, and have more awareness of my surroundings. I’ve also noticed an increase in my energy and productivity.

When working with my root chakra, I’ve received many gifts which, to me, represent signs of being aligned with the frequency of prosperity and open to receiving from the universe. One example is that I pulled up to a parking spot that had a parking meter, and there was money left over in the meter for 40 minutes of free parking! Another example is that I had ordered take out food from a restaurant and the cashier apologized saying that the chef was backed up and my order may take longer than usual. She said I could pick anything from the menu and she’d throw it in for free. I got the most expensive superfood smoothie on the menu and it was delicious! She also threw in a free chocolate truffle for dessert. Then, it ended up that the restaurant had extra help come into the kitchen and my order did not take any longer then usual. I got my delicious takeout plus my extra free treats.

I was moving from one home to another, and support came flooding in from friends, family and neighbors to help. My neighbor, that I barely knew, offered to help carry heavy items to the moving truck. My friend with her children drove down in their mini van and helped me pack boxes, load and unload. Another friend, on her lunch break, stopped by to help pack some boxes and offered to help me with a garage sale to sell items I was not taking to my next home. I was truly grateful for all the love and support that came flooding in, as I worked with my root chakra and opened myself up to receiving.

Sacral Chakra
Creative ideas have came flooding in as I dedicate regular time to creative projects and opening my creativity. New creative ideas poured into all areas of my life my work, such as an idea to create a laugh mob and my songbird series. My laugh mob idea was to gather a large group of people to spontaneously laugh in a busy public place to spread joy and laughter to the community. The concept and event was such a hit that it got press in the LA times. I got a large front page article published about the event and over 40 people attended. Click here to view the video

I went through a few week phase where I had been working on my computer all day and into the evening. One night, I decided to stop early and have a night of self-love. I heat up my 2 microwavable aromatherapy bags, filled my essential oil diffuser with relaxing lavender oil to fill my room, turned on relaxing music (Enya), lit a few candles and laid on my bed propped up with lots of pillows and my favorite blanket. I got out massage oil and rubbed my feet while I laid the warm aromatherapy bags around my neck/shoulders and stomach. I felt so extremely relaxed, it was if all my worries and stress had melted away and I was able to drift off into a happy, peaceful sleep that evening!

Inner Child
As I’ve worked with my inner child and sacral chakra, I began remembering, doing and indulging in more of life’s simple pleasures that bring me joy now, and that I loved as a child. Some examples are that I bought a bright blue butterfly kite and took it flying on the beach. I also stocked up on bubbles and spent an afternoon blowing bubbles outside in the fresh air and sunshine. I’ve also gathered friends together multiple times to sit by a bonfire, roast marshmellows and make smores. Yum!!

Solar Plexus Chakra
Personal Power
Working with my solar plexus, I’ve learned and remembered the importance of acknowledging my needs and making choices to honor myself. In the past, I’d agree to doing things for other people when I truly did not want to. I’ve learned to listen to my heart, desires, needs and know my own boundaries. One example of this, is that I chose to let go of friends and relationships that no longer supported me and were not aligned with who I am. As a result, I then made new friends that were much more aligned with who I am. They are very supportive, loving, spiritually open and live a similar lifestyle.

The more I began acknowledging, remembering and learning more about myself, I began making changes in my lifestyle. One example is that I realized how much I love being outside in nature and realized I need to be outside everyday for my overall wellbeing. I’ve made that a priority in my life, and make the time to spend time outside every single day. I feel much more content, balanced, and feel more like ME just from this simple practice.

True Self
One way I’ve opened up to being more of my true self, is that I began openly sharing my spirituality, beliefs, my fears, challenges, and my true, real, raw, self. In the past, I’d keep it to myself as I had a fear of being judged by others. I finally feel free to be me and it’s extremely liberating!

Heart Chakra
Unconditional Love
I learned first hand that to truly have unconditional love for others, I first had to dig really deep to experience it within myself. One example is with my ex-boyfriend. I often would feel as if I was not good enough in the relationship. We had a few major experiences in our relationship, that contributed to the downfall, major breakdown, and eventually break up. I was very hurt, angry and heartbroken. We got to a point where we cut off all communication with each other.

To shift my relationship with him, I had to first love myself unconditionally. I had to clear out old beliefs within myself about not being good enough, not feeling worthy and many more past experiences and beliefs that were not aligned with the truth of who I really am.

By doing the work to heal, release the past, forgive and truly love myself, I was able to see and claim my own worth and know that I am most definitely good enough! These were very important elements in loving myself unconditionally. As I was able to open up even more to loving myself, I could then open up to also loving others, unconditionally.

It came unexpectedly, but as a result of loving myself unconditionally, my ex-boyfriend and I reunited as friends and we were able to have a fresh new start with all the past experiences and hurts completely released, forgotten, and forgiven. Now, only love remains. Being able to be best friends, no matter what, in spite of the past, is a true example of loving another person unconditionally.

After experiencing a trauma where my life was turned upside down and I moved cross-country, taking a change in course in my life, I learned the importance of acceptance. The most important element for me to truly feel love and peace in my heart, is to focus on accepting each present moment exactly as it is, not looking to the past of future. By also focusing on and truly feeling, in my heart, what I’m grateful for, in each moment, I noticed this acceptance of right now, amplified the feeling of love in my heart. It helped me to see and fully experience and appreciate the love, people, blessings right in front of me and accept my life as it is, right now.

I learned forgiveness lightens, frees and opens your heart to letting in more love! I had to dig really deep within myself to open up and face many past experiences and emotions from childhood that needed to be acknowledged, released and forgiven including rejection, sadness, anger and more. I’ve noticed, when I have truly forgiven, relationships in my life immediately improve, as I have room for more love. One example is with my mom. I was upset with her relationship with money. I felt she was very stingy and lived in a lack mentality. I was angry she let her money blocks cloud her vision. I was angrier that she had passed some of these habits and beliefs on to me. I decided to forgive and heal. I did so by acknowledging it and consciously choosing to release the specific habits and beliefs that didn’t serve me. I also chose to forgive and to accept mom exactly as she is. The next week, mom and I went to the grocery store. I had picked up some mineral powder makeup, and mom unexpectedly offered to pay for it. What an unexpected treat! I’ve learned when you forgive, you never know what type of unexpected acts of love can follow!

Throat Chakra
I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business. I wanted to express my self, my healing gifts, creativity, love, my personal experiences and spiritual services with the world.

Speaking Truth with Love
I took a job that appeared to be great in the beginning, however things quickly shifted. I felt they were taking advantage of me. They did not provide what they had promised and asked me to work and put in hours without pay. I called the manager and voiced my feelings and needs, including what will and will not work for me in regards to the position, work requirements, and pay. I expressed my value and needs in a kind, caring way. The job ended up not being a good fit, and I decided to part ways. I left on good terms with the company. I felt proud of myself for speaking my truth, with love.

In the past, I tended to hold in my true feelings. I would keep quiet and hold everything in. To shift this, I first learned to communicate with myself. I started by acknowledging my feelings, emotions, sensations in my body, energy levels, tensions levels and more. I began journaling regularly to help in my own expression and inner communication. As I result, I’ve become much more comfortable with communicating my feelings and emotions with others!

Third Eye Chakra
As I’ve worked with my third eye, my intuition has become stronger and stronger. By practicing using my intuition through my regular self-love practices, I’m able to better know myself, and therefore my intuition. I’m able to now feel feelings in my body, like a tightening of my throat or a twitching of my eye, and I can stop and ask my inner self and use my intuition to discern what my body is trying to tell me. One example is that I was on a shuttle bus at an airport terminal going from one terminal to another. A man was staring at me and I had a very bad, uncomfortable feeling. I prayed and I said, “Angels, spirit, please protect me. If I am in any danger, please keep me safe, in the highest good of all.” Immediately after the prayer, the man fell to the ground!! The shuttle bus doors opened and I walked out and on to my gate. I turned back to look and the man was standing back up but I was already well on my way and out of site. My intuition was correct and spirit had intervened to protect me.

Spiritual Vision
After practicing as an energy and light worker, I began seeing visions, when my eyes were closed, both while working on myself and other people. In the beginning, I didn’t understand the visions and sometimes I doubted them, discounting that it was just my imagination. Eventually, I learned to discern what were messages from spirit and what was just my mind intentionally, consciously, using my imagination to create a vision. I had a many experiences where I did not understand the vision but when I shared it with the client I was working with, it was very relevant to the client. I began to fully trust and never again doubt my spiritual vision. One example was a session with a client where I saw a vision involving a grandmother and a sacred ritual. The client shared that he was planning to see his grandmother that evening and that she had a Native American background and regular sacred practices and rituals. The information I shared from the spiritual vision offered the confirmation that he needed to validate, in his mind, the session and all he experienced. I’ve learned that spirit shows me exactly what is needed to be seen, in the highest good of all.

Extrasensory Perception
As I’ve worked with my third eye, my extrasensory perception has become increasingly heightened. In certain situations, I can feel what other people are feeling and have a sense of things to come.

When I was very young, I told my parents that I was going to live in Florida and California! I grew up in Maryland and my entire family lived in the same town. No one in my family had ever left the state of Maryland. Then, 20+ years later, I ended up going to college in Florida and moving to California a number of years after college. I had a feeling, a knowing, an extrasensory perception that I would live in both those places.

Crown Chakra
Connection to Higher Self
When I connect to the highest aspiration of my self, I’m able to receive guidance on my life’s path. One example is when I had asked for clarity with next steps in my work/career aligned with my hearts desires. After asking, I did not immediately receive a message so I let it go, surrendering and trusting that I’d get a message or know what to do when the timing was right. A few weeks later, in meditation, I closed my eyes and saw a vision of me performing different types of work such as public speaking, teaching children and teaching adult women retreats. I got a feeling in my body with each type of work, that let me know what roles felt good and which did not. With public speaking, I felt nervous, like I couldn’t breath and I didn’t like it. When teaching children and women in a small group, retreat setting I felt joyful and enjoyed it. This is just one example of how, as I’ve learned to work with my crown and connect to my higher self, that I am able to receive clear guidance for moving forward.

Divine Wisdom
As I’ve learned to work with my crown chakra and connect to divine, higher wisdom, I’m able to receive messages of 100% love and light from spirit, for both myself and others. One way I’ve done this is through automatic writing, where I’ve invoked all that I am in 100% love and light, closed my eyes, pen to paper and began writing, putting all thoughts to the side. Below is of one of my automatic writing entries.
“The power is within you. All the knowledge and guidance you are seeking is inside you. You are a vessel of pure, radiant love, showering the world with rain drops to purify, wash, clear, and revive life on this planet to its utmost, fullest existence. Flower buds opening, blooming, lush green forests. Life in full bloom is a scared gift that is meant to be honored by all who walk this earth. Honor, respect, love, our sacred Mother. Remember. The time is now for the ascension of Mother Earth.”

Divine Understanding
In the past, when difficult things have happened in my life, I’d play a victim role thinking things like, why me, this isn’t fair, why do they have that and I have this, etc. Thankfully, as I’ve strengthened and worked with my crown chakra, I now have a divine understanding and see life from a much different, bigger perspective. I now see that life is happening for me to help me grow, learn, keep me on the path most aligned with being all I came here to be.

One example is my best friend that was blessed with a trust fund. In the past I thought, “I want to live like that, without having to worry about money or working”. Then I remembered, I was given exactly what I need for my path, my growth, my mission and what I have is perfect for me. I can open up and receive great abundance and prosperity, coming in the shape and form that the universe has in store for me, and my path in this life. There is absolutely no point in comparing because my path is completely unique just as my best friend’s path and mission is as well. I also remembered to celebrate and be happy for my friend’s prosperity and also equally celebrate and be happy for all the blessings in my life. It feels much more loving and aligned to the truth of who I am. Everything is divine, everything comes from love and everything is perfect, exactly as it is right now.

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Chakra Balancing Workshops

I have led small groups in chakra workshops. If you’d like to discuss bringing a chakra workshop to your healing center, yoga studio, or event, please contact me.

Workshop Includes:

  • Learn about all 7 Chakras.
  • Learn how they can help you in your daily life.
  • Learn how to strengthen each Chakra.
  • Group Chakra Meditation.
  • Group Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing.
  • Chakra Games.
  • Chakra Art Project.

Benefits of Balanced Chakras:

  • Financial Prosperity.
  • Grounded and Balanced.
  • Healthy Expression of Emotions.
  • Harmonious Relationships.
  • Positive Self Esteem.
  • Love, Self-love, Self-respect.
  • Trust and Contentment.
  • Clear Communication and Speaking Your Truth.
  • Ability to Listen To Your Intuition.
  • Spiritual Sight, Intuition and Insights.
  • Clarity.
  • Creativity.
  • Awareness of Life’s Higher Purposes and Meaning.
  • Inspiration and Understanding.
  • And much more!

Suggested Length of Time for Full Class: 3 hours (Time can be tailored to your event)*

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