How to Get Unstuck in a Life Rut

Whether you feel stuck, trapped, stagnant, bored, unhappy or you’re just ready for a much needed change, here are some quick tips to get out of your rut, right now (and they are fun too!).

How to Get Unstuck Now!

Change the little things. Change your routine. For example, if you wear your hair parted to one side, switch it to the other side. If you wear your hair down or straight, wear it up or curly instead. If you sleep on the left side of the bed, sleep on the right side. If you drive a certain route to work or school, take a different way. Change your meals. If you always eat oatmeal for breakfast, switch to greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit. Buy and wear clothes or accessories that you wouldn’t usually wear. Play music you never usually listen too, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Do WHATEVER you can to CHANGE what you USUALLY do!

Why it works?

By taking little steps toward change, you are affirming that you are ready for change. You are taking action. You are opening yourself up to new opportunities.

Congratulations! Your life is changing in a positive way.