How does remote energy work?

I provide remote energy healing sessions which allows me to work with people around the world who can receive an energy session from the comfort of their own home.

Reiki and many other forms of energy healing can be done remotely and location does not impact the results. As we are working with the energetic field and higher consciousness, the location does not impact the benefits you will receive from an energy session.

Remote energy was scientifically proven effective through the work of Dr. Emoto. He conducted multiple studies that have helped in proving the validity of remote work to the scientific community. In one study, the question posed was “can someone’s intention affect another person’s health from a distance?” He used the study of water to prove this theory as the human body contains 70-90% water. A group of people in Germany and Austria focused their intentions on bottles of water in California. The results of the study proved that by thinking of a word and using one’s thought and intention to project that word onto water stored at a location across the world, it did in fact effect and change the crystalline structure of the water. Click here to read the full study.

I personally believe that energy work is one of the most powerful tools for overall health and happiness. Using the higher consciousness, it is possible to identify root causes of imbalances that may otherwise not be possible to identify. Energy work can help identify underlying suppressed emotions, subconscious beliefs, and patterns that could be causing imbalances in your health, emotional well-being, and life. Energy work can also help in releasing and shifting underlying energies to support you in experiencing greater health and happiness.

Structure of Remote Energy Session

Prior to a session, you are welcome to email any intentions, questions, or areas you’d like to focus on during your session, and I can ask for a particular message around that area. An intention is not necessary as I can also just see what wants to be shown at the time of your session. I connect to and work in 100% love and light. Often, I get messages around subconscious beliefs, old patterns, and steps you can take to improve your situation and life. I also can tune into your chakras to help with clearing, and balancing, and I may also receive messages related to the chakras. Each session is completely unique, and I can not control the outcome. Whatever is meant to come through at the time of the session, will come through for you.

There are a few options for your session, depending on your preference and needs.

1. Anytime remote session. Pick a time you’d like to receive your session. It is recommended that you are in a state of meditation during the time you choose, but it is not necessary. I will send the remote energy at the designated time, and will provide a detailed write up of all that I saw and received as messages during the session. I will email the notes to you. This does not involve a phone or video conversation.

2. Live Facetime or Phone Remote Session. This will be a live virtual session and will be intuitively guided depending on your needs. It could involve guided meditations, questioning to identify underlying subconscious beliefs and patterns and deeper awareness around a particular topic. Each session typically ends with 1-3 action items that you can implement at home to support you after the session.

New client specials are available for your first session. I’m happy to chat over tea virtually, or in person if you are in the Asheville area, and together we can determine how I can best support you. Click below to schedule a free consult.

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