Eclipse Energies in January 2019

While I am not an astrology expert, I do follow other spiritual teachers on astrology and numerology like Kari Samuels and Meg Benedicte. I wanted to share a few quick things I’ve been reading and experiencing personally when it comes to the energies right now. On January 5th 2019, there was a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn (right around my birthday!). There is another eclipse happening on the Blood Supermoon on January 20th. So for this period from January 5th- January 20th, 2019, we are basking in these eclipse energies.  The energies now are also helping with discipline, boundaries, and time management to help support your dreams coming into reality.

What does eclipse energy bring up? Eclipses are said to trigger changes and can help to shift and let go of outdated patterns to support a reset and help us move in a new positive direction.

Eclipses bring up thing hidden in the shadows like playing too small, or not standing up for yourself either now or in the past. It can also bring up things associated with your destiny like for example a new idea or meeting a soul mate.

Are there any changes, feelings or ideas coming up for you? I encourage you to take the time to meditate, journal and make time to check in during this time to get clear on what changes you can make to support your highest path and dreams.

How can you show up more fully to do what you were born to do? The energies are supporting you!